Campbell's Soup Can

Mr HOLLYWOOD X Andy Warhol






Andy Warhol's iconic Campbell’s Soup Can prints has inspired Mr HOLLYWOOD to do a collection of his own. Working with the idea of repetition he has put together a range of different prints. Like Warhol's work each piece in the collection is different. All the prints are part of a limited edition run and are available to purchase. The Mr HOLLYWOOD Campbell’s Soup Can prints are printed on 300gsm fine art paper 45cms x 35cms. 

Andy Warhol interview with David Bourdon



Too many people who say my work is vacuous are judging

it either from a reduced illustration or even as an abstract

idea. They say, “Who’s interested in a can of soup? We

know what it looks like.” But so often they think I’ve

changed something. “Oh, look at the pretty fleur-de-lis!”

You’d think most women wouldn’t have a soup can on

their shelf that didn’t have a fleur-de-lis on the label.

Nobody really looks at anything—it’s too hard. I think

someone should see my paintings in person, before he

says they’re vacuous.


People have been comparing my soup cans to the Mona

Lisafor so long now. “How can you call this art?” they say.

“You can’t paint as well as what’s his name … and your

model isn’t as pretty to begin with.” Do you know the 

Campbell Soup Company has not sent me a single can of

soup? And I’ve bought every flavor. I even shop around for discontinued flavors. If you ever run across Mock Turtle, save it for me. It used to be my favorite, but I must have been the only one buying it, because they discontinued it.